How do I get free 30 days trial version?
There are two AMI’s available for free trial version.  You may download Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) ACVITS AMI available from AWS marketplace or use publically available Bring-your-own-license (BYOL) AMI.  For BYOL copy, a license key will be automatically emailed to your registered email address.  The PAYG version has more features than BYOL.  The BYOL version can be customized to suit your business requirements.
How do I find Amazon AWS estimated monthly fee?
The application uses EC2 instance, S3 bucket, Two volumes to store OS and MongoDB files and a elastic load balancer.  We recommend you buy reserved EC2 instance as it is cost effective. You can find pricing from the Amazon AWS Marketplace.

Where do I find information on data security and architecture?
How do I integrate ACVITS with Microsoft Active Directory?
ACVITS can be integrated with the Microsoft Active Directory using custom programming or third party product like Okta.  Here is an article from the Okta on your on premise Mircosoft AD integration with custom applications.

We will work our customer and Okta to offer end to end integration with the Microsoft Active Directory.

ACVITS Amazon AWS EC2 Instance Capacity Planning
How does the managed care service works?
Our team will assist in installation and administration of your environment.  This includes performance monitoring, security, scalability, backup, restore and disaster recoverability.  We will provide prompt email and phone support to your user issues.
Where do I find application install instructions?
Where do I find application install and setup video?
Where do I find application features video?
Domain Address SSL Implementation Steps
Domain Address SSL Implementation Steps Video
How do I change ACVITS Instance type?
  1. Sign on to AWS console.
  2. Stop the instance. (Actions -> Instance state -> Stop )
  3. From ‘Actions Menu’ select Instance Settings -> Change Instance type. Save the change.
  4. Start the instance. (Actions -> Instance state -> Start )
  5. If your node.js application does not restart application automatically, then stop and start the application.

You can switch back the instance type by following the same sequence. Watch the video.


ACVITS Privacy Policy
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ACVITS Pay As You Go Licence Agreement
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