Pay As You Go – Pricing

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ACVITS licensing fee is based on provisioned compute capacity for active users, meaning you can have an unlimited number of occasional users. This licensing model can save as much as 50% or more when compared with similar products.

An estimated cost for 10 concurrent users on a EC2 t2.small instance is $100 per month.

Flexibile Cost Model

You can anytime change compute capacity by switching instance types.  Swapping of an instance from EC2 t2.small (10 users ) to M5.xlarge (50 users) can be done in 30 minutes. This architecture gives you the command and control on cost, while offering best performance to stakeholders.

How much it would cost in my case?

There are two parts in pricing (1) ACVITS software (2) Infrastructure.

Under the AWS ACVITS Marketplace Pricing tab, you will find Total/Hr column.  This is the sum of two parts.

You can find your cost by multiplying 730 hours with the price listed under Total/Hr column from the Pricing tab. An example, an estimated cost for ten concurrent users license is = 730*0.143= $104.39 per month. 

Instant Results

The product subscription takes about 15 minutes.  You can install ACVITS in your AWS virtual private cloud and go-live in two hours.

ACVITS has a very user friendly interface and offers simple yet robust administrative options. The collaboration simplicity will lead to higher productivity while maintaining strong security.


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The Results

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