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ACVITS © comparison with Google Drive for Work

SerialFeaturesACVITSGoogle DriveComments
2.Ability to customize & integrate with other systemsYesNoACVITS can be customized and integrated to third party applications.
3.Customizable permanent and transient files retentionYesPartialGoogle does not support permanent and organizational units at the same time.
4.Legal holdYesNoACVITS offers an immutable copy.
5.WorkflowYesNoHelps with control and vetting of contents.
6.White LabelYesNoACVITS can reflects your organizational culture.
7.Data MigrationParallelLinearThe parallel 10 times can migrate an average 100 files/sec. Rapid migration helps in higher productivity.

Granular Audit Report


Full AccessBlack boxGoogle does not reveal internal or external third-party data access. ACVITS allows full audit at every layer.
9.File Recovery1 Year30 days
10.Very large file support, 5 TBYesYesGoogle Drive file size limit for “doc” is 50MB and PPT is 100 MB. ACVITS support all file types up to 5 TB
11.Regulatory ComplianceYesYes
12.Search SpeedIn secondsIn secondsACVITS uses predictive and traditional searches
13.StorageGeo redundantGeo redundantACVITS 99.999,999,999 % almost no data loss durability
14.CollaborationEnhancedEnhancedPrivate, Group and Public with limited time share
15.Enterprise MobilityYesYesAccessible using standard browser from laptop and smartphone
16.Customer Support24/724/7Phone and Email.


ACVITS Comparison with Dropbox Business

1.Customer Support 24/7YesBusiness hours
2.Granular audit reports at all tiersYesNoACVITS offers report at network, host and application level logs.
3.Ability to add custom integrationsYesNo
4.Primary Search TypePredictiveTraditionalACVITS’s predictive and traditional searches are faster than Dropbox.
5.Very large file size up to 5 TBYesNo
6.File RecoveryOne year120 DaysTrash folder files recovery.
8.Legal HoldYesNoACVITS offers immutable copy. Additional fee applies.
9.Data Migration mode.ParallelLinearBulk upload runs 10 times in parallel.
10.Customizable Permanent and Transient Files RetentionYesNoRefer the U.S. NARA method.
11.Regulatory complianceYes?NIST, PCI, SOX, SOC, FERPA compliant AWS services. HIPAA Eligible
12.Granular sharing permissionsYesYes
13.Automatic VersioningYesYes
14.White LabelYesNo
15.Content durability (99.999,999,999)YesNo
16.Encryption AES 256 bit at RestYesNo
17.Encryption at TransitYesYesSSL Encryption.
18.Enhanced CollaborationYesYesPrivate, Group and Public features.
19.Two Factor Authentication (2FA)YesYes
20.Active Directory IntegrationThird Party SolutionThird Party SolutionACVITS offers custom AD integration
21.Enterprise MobilityYesYesACVITS UI seamless from all devices
22.Advanced admin controlYesYes

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