Our Story

Unni Kirandumkara PMP

Product Manager

The U.S. Department of Forest Services has over 230 million digital contents, perhaps the highest digitized department among the U.S. Civilian federal agencies. The effort is an epitome of protecting nature by outstanding leadership and employees at the U.S. Forest Service, perfectly fits in the vision.

I was very fortunate to be part of consolidating contents from 201 branches into a single system that served about 43,000 users nationwide.  Effective project management and SMEs completed the project under budget and before the target date.  The enterprise content management system saved tens of millions by decommissioning servers, software licenses and improved organizational effectiveness.

The content management system project gave an insight into challenges in unstructured content migration from disparate systems, folder structures, roles, search, high availability architecture, security, retention, archive, trash, backup, recovery, disaster recovery and audit to name the few.

In the early stage, it took us a week to migrate a million plus contents to a centralized system. So when we developed record/document management and e-discovery product, we simplified the migration by coding ten times parallel processes to speed up the job.

I learned the due diligence, data protection, collaboration, durability, and compliances are the five pillars of an effective document management system.

You will find highest content durability 99.999,999,999 percent, a file size capability at 5 TB and CUI (controlled unclassified information) NIST SP 800-171 controls in place in the product.

I hope you would enjoy the product for its simplicity, agility, collaboration, due diligence, compliance eligibility, and security. Above all, the significant cost saving when compared with other COTS products.

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