Most organizations have an unorganized heap of contents or documents exist in silos.  It can be a result of internal departmental control, lack of understanding of technology and fear of adapting to new technologies, or lack of vision in the leadership.

When an organization fails to centralize the knowledge and go through the vetting process, employees will go through reinventing the wheel and fail to be competitive.  When employees struggle to access the information they need to perform their jobs or research, the ability to bring new product or service to the market struggles. The net result is a stale ecosystem.

Here are eleven ways, an organization can organize knowledge for sustainable innovation.


  1. Consolidate organizational data in a secure cloud and make data accessible as per the organizational policies.
  2. Protect organizational Digital Data from The Cybercrime Economy like Ransomware and Malware.
  3. Utilize Safety Controls to Prevent Files from Unauthorized Forwarding & Downloading.
  4. Encrypt Digital Assets at Rest and In-Transit
  5. Follow the applicable compliance FERPA, FINRA, HIPAA and NIST SP 800-171
  6. Choose Enterprise Mobility – Secure Access on any device with Internet Browser.
  7. Choose a Very Large File Size (TB) Support product, an essential feature in the digital age.
  8. Choose a system that allows parallel processes when loading files.
  9. A must have feature, choose Predictive Search Technology product.
  10. Choose National Archives and Records Management approach, Permanent Records – Document Retention & Destruction Policy Management
  11. Finally, ensure your product allows Legal Hold copies when needed. This is like an insurance policy.

OOAC LLC is proud to announce the public release of ACVITS© on Amazon’s AWS Catalog in the Public, GovCloud and all AWS regions across the world.

ACVITS© software, is an innovative Enterprise Content Management System that enables intellectual property document protection using enhanced, advanced-security features; superior predictive search functions across multi-media content; and other performance and encryption features that no other software product on the market is currently able to offer.

A company based out of Startup Virginia, OOAC has developed the ACVITS© software based on an innovative software licensing trend called Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG). The PAYG payment model is similar to the utility billing industry standard where consumers only pay for services that are actually used. PAYG frees customers from burdensome, long-term contractual obligations that have traditionally been the primary software licensing offered by technology vendors.

About OOAC

Founded in 2002, OOAC is dedicated to creating software-based products that provide solutions to complex content management problems – all at a fair price. OOAC believes in strong community partnerships and actively invests in technology in schools to build a smarter tomorrow.