Create Hosted Zone and Record Sets

  1. Go to Amazon AWS -> services and select Route 53
  2. Click on Hosted Zones and create a hosted zone.
  • Give the domain name you have bought, make sure that you don’t add www. to it. Example:
  • Enter a comment if you like
  • Select Type as Public Hosted Zone.
  1. You should see something like below on your screen, Name Space servers, usually there are 4 different entries.Make note of these as you need them in the last step.
4.  Now Create a recordset and add values as shown in image below
  • Keep Name field empty
  • Type as A
  • Alias as No
  • Value – This should be the value of your IPv4 Public IP of your EC2 instance.
  • Routing Policy: Simple
5.  Now we need to bring subdomain too, so should also work
  • In Name field type www.
  • Type as A
  • Alias as Yes
  • Alias Target from dropdown select your site name
  • Routing Policy: Simple
This completes Route 53 steps.

Add the Amazon NameSpaceServers in Control panel of Domain Provider

  1. Now go to GoDaddy domain console and select your domain and click the “DNS” button.
  2. Name servers are located at the bottom. Change the Namespace servers (you should see 2 servers name) from default to custom.
  1. Add all the 4 namespace servers you got in STEP 4, add them one by one. Do not enter the period at the end of a name server when updating GoDaddy Name Server records.  Save it and wait for a couple of minutes. Type your domain name in the browser and you should be redirected to your website.
To implement SSL certificate to, follow the link: